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Atiku vs Buhari: Fear erupts As E.U React to INEC Over Server Scam.


The European Union Elections Observation Union (EU EOM) on Saturday he said that it was unaware of any server used by the Independent National Electoral commission (INEC) in the conduct of 2019 presidential election.

The stand of the EU EOM spells trouble for the election petition filed by the presidential candidate of the opposition people dDemocratic Party PDP Still Abubaka.

There is no electoral body that does not have a server. Still is right in regard of the information about the server. Senator Dino Maleye also open up about the INEC servers it shows clears that there is manipulation in the server.

The deputy chief observer for the EU hHannah Robert said that they should give the party access into the server used in February presidential election,which shows Mahammadu Buhari emerge as the winner to continue second term in office.

INEC has manipulate the server.INEC in its contents affidavit at the tribunal had already dismissed the existence of the server and change it to manually.


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