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ASUU Strike: Lecturers and Representatives Reach a Deal; We Wait for Buhari’s Approval


The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has agreed with the federal government.

The administration of the House of Representatives on Tuesday expedited the new arrangement following four hours of meeting at the Public Gathering in Abuja.

Nonetheless, the arrangement is dependent upon the endorsement of President Muhammadu Buhari, who is at present at the Assembled Countries General Gathering meeting at the UN.

The Leader of ASUU, Emmanuel Osodeke drove the Union to the gathering, while the Minister of State for Training, Goodluck Opiah addressed the federal government.

After the shut entryway meeting, Femi Gbajabiamila, who led the gathering declared that the gathering created a few arrangements, nonetheless, he didn’t express the understanding came to.

He unveiled that the legislators will introduce the consent to president Buhari upon his appearance, while ASUU is to do likewise with their individuals.

“There were basically seven regions where ASUU has introduced what we viewed as demand for them to return to strike. We have taken a gander at the seven regions, we have pretty much settled on specific things.

“Whenever that is finished, the initiative of this house will anticipate the arrival of Mr President from the continuous General Gathering. We will meet with Mr President. We will lay the arrangement arrived at by the administrative arm of government. I’m confident that Mr President will become involved with the understanding and with that, I accept that this matter will be rapidly wrapped up,” he said.

The administrators will on Thursday meet with Public Data Innovation Improvement Organization, the Bookkeeper General of the League, the Inspector General for the Alliance and Public Pay rates Livelihoods and wages Commission to talk about further.

Talking on the gathering, ASUU president said the issue will be settled soon.

“It is a decent turn of events and we are hanging tight for what they will ship off us to carry out our individuals. We trust that inside the short term, this issue will be settled.”


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