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ASUU Strike: El-Rufai Takes steps To Sack All Kaduna Lecturers


Lead representative Nasir El-Rufai of Kaduna State has taken steps to sack all the Kaduna State College (KASU) instructors on the off chance that they keep on noticing the Scholastic Staff Association of Colleges (ASUU) strike.

Everyday POST reports that ASUU has been protesting since February over the disappointment of the federal government to satisfy its needs.
Many endeavors by the public authority to make the speakers return to the study halls have not yielded results starting today.

Simply on Monday, worker’s organizations started fortitude fights in certain pieces of the country with ASUU.

In any case, talking on a radio program in Kaduna on Wednesday, El-Rufai advised the speakers to get back to study halls to abstain from having their positions pronounced empty, adding that KASU teachers had not a great explanation to join any strike.

As indicated by him, ASUU definitely disapproved of the federal government, not the state government.

He said, “The Acting Bad habit Chancellor has guaranteed me that they will continue, yet I have requested that they see whether they actually continued work, since I initially educated that their compensation be halted. In any case, I was subsequently informed they didn’t join the strike, so I asked that it ought to be examined and those that gathered compensation and joined the strike will be approached to discount the compensation.

“This is on the grounds that Nigeria’s regulation says ‘no work, no compensation’. This is the law. So whoever joined the strike won’t be paid a compensation. We have been telling the KASU speakers that they approve of the State government. ASUU’s concern is with the Federal government. In this manner, for what reason will our staff who generally approve of us join the strike?

“In the event that this proceeds, I will awaken one day to sack them all, I pledge to God. We will sack them all and pronounce their positions empty on the pages of papers. They once did likewise and we gave them cautioning, presently they rehashed it. I’m simply standing by to get the report from the official for training. I promise to God, we will sack all those that joined the strike assuming they decline

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