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Asking ESN To Work With Ebubeagu Is Like Asking Satan To Midwife Birth Of Jesus—IPOB


The Indigenous People of Biafra has said those requiring the Eastern Security Network to join the recently shaped security outfit in the South-East, Ebubeagu should stop from settling on such a decision.

IPOB told both benevolent individuals and wicked individuals asking its security wing to cooperate with Ebubeagu that light and murkiness can’t cooperate.

In an articulation made accessible to SaharaReporters on Monday by its representative, Emma Powerful, IPOB said Ebubeagu is a phantom gathering checked by the Nigerian security specialists, who are foes of the ESN and its chief, Nnamdi Kanu.

“We the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) under the order and authority of our incredible and unstoppable pioneer, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, have noted with unmistakable fascination, the certifiable calls by some prominent Igbo for joint effort between our heroic Eastern Security Network, ESN; and the phantom Ebubeagu security network as of late skimmed by the misleading South-East lead representatives. We have similarly noted comparable calls by some self-acclaimed yet temperamental Igbo seniors and Ohanaeze clan leaders.

“In any case, we have a straightforward inquiry for them all: can light and haziness cooperate? We as a whole knew the conditions that brought forth ESN. It was the point at which the apprehensive lead representatives tragically neglected to remain with individuals who were being assaulted and butchered every day by Fulani herders and jihadists that our chief, in view of the desires by individuals needed to build up ESN to save the circumstance. Furthermore, since the time at that point, the account has changed.

“Out of jealousy and desire as those being far off constrained by the Caliphate, the South-East lead representatives behind schedule, and without coordination reported an apparition security outfit – Ebubeagu. For the insightful personalities, the activity of the lead representatives and their slave drivers is a suspect. They are out for something vile however we are too keen to even think about getting bulldozed,” the assertion said.

The favorable to Biafra bunch likewise uncovered that the conditions that proclaimed Ebubeagu were slippery, adding that the South-East lead representatives ought to have upheld the ESN, rather than coasting an apparition security device without work force.

“Where are the staff of the alleged ‘Ebubeoke na Ngwere? When Amotekun was framed by South-West Governors, did you not see their staff and hardware? When our chief set up ESN, did you not see our courageous men? How at that point would you say you are requesting that ESN work together with phantom Ebubeagu that has no recognizable faculty?

“How might ESN team up with Ebubeagu that is being administered by the undermined Fulani-controlled Nigeria security offices? Tops of all security organizations in the South-East are generally Fulani who have neglected to ensure our kin against their family and troopers of the Fulanisation plan. These are those behind the arrangement of Ebubeagu, and you need us to cooperate with them?

“Requesting that ESN team up with Ebubeagu resembles asking Lucifer to maternity specialist the introduction of Jesus Christ. Yet, for the artless, Ebubeagu was basically coasted to keep an eye on ESN and IPOB. The point of the Caliphate in compelling their manikins called South-East lead representatives to drift the nonexistent outfit is to abandon the holding solidarity among Ndigbo and set our young people against themselves however we are in front of them in this game,” the assertion revealed further.

In the explanation, the gathering said that individuals of the area have lost in their state lead representatives, asking that an assessment of public sentiment ought to be led to show in the event that they would go with ESN or Ebubeagu.

“In the event that the South-East lead representatives were earnest, they would have rather upheld ESN which has been making a beautiful showing since beginning as opposed to coasting this joke and joke. They should conceal their countenances in disgrace for neutralizing the craving of their kin. Proceed to gather information among Ndigbo and understand what they need: regardless of whether ESN or Ebubeagu is their decision, at that point the outcome will decide the following line of activity.

“The security of our property is sacred and too delicate to be in any way left in the possession of these political bandits without still, small voice. They can undoubtedly bargain it for a pot of porridge and self centered political interest. We won’t ever face a particularly inept challenge!

“Individuals have lost trust in the lead representatives who deserted them when it tallied most. ESN acted the hero and will protect them until Biafra is completely reestablished where their security can be ensured,” the assertion added.


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