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Anambra Poll: Nigeria’s Electoral Body, INEC Rules Out Dialog With IPOB, ESN


The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, has precluded the chance of drawing in the Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, and the Eastern Security Network, ESN in front of the November 6 governorship political race in Anambra State.

The commission noticed that it wouldn’t make a special effort to draw in IPOB and ESN that had been banned by the Muhammadu Buhari system.

The INEC representative, Festus Okoye, spread the word about this during a meeting with Arise TV on Thursday, taking note of that the commission had been drawing in partners including security offices, common society associations and other applicable bodies.

“We perceive ideological groups, we perceive individuals of Anambra State, we perceive common society gatherings and associations, we perceive conventional establishments and the church. Thus, in case they are important for common society gatherings and association and they go to our projects, we will let them know what we need to do according to Anambra decisions,” Okoye said.

“Yet, as far as IPOB, the commission won’t make a special effort to proceed to draw in with an association that the national government has announced as illicit. So we will not do that,” the representative expressed.

INEC had before uncovered that the steady assaults in South-East district didn’t represent any danger to the November 6 governorship political decision.

The commission had expressed that the November governorship political decision in Anambra State would go on as arranged in spite of the rising instances of killings assaults by obscure shooters in the district.

Okoye had clarified that in couple of days, INEC would convey the non-delicate materials that would be utilized for the political race.

“All things considered, we are continuing with the political decision. We are truly planning for the activity. In the following not many days, we will convey the non-delicate materials implied for the political decision. In this way, readiness is on top stuff with respect to INEC and we are proceeding with the political race,” he had said.


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