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Americans massively calls for arrest of Bill Gates as his Foundation finally unveils Covid-19 Vaccine(Video)


Thebiafrastar:An immense crowd in America has trooped out to required the arrest of extremely rich worlkd riches billionaire and microsoft founder Bill Gates

Covid-19 Vaccine: Americans calls for bill Gates arrest now that the specialist has thought of an antobody for the virus, theories are that the man genueinely has a stratgic. Bill Gates done to empower life come back to ordinary once more.

He noted that he is particularly excited about pursuing the RNA vaccine, with a code needed to produce viral fragments on its own.

This, however, did not go down well with Americans as they query the right and patent with which he operated to reveal a vaccine,given that he is not a Doctor,scientist or microbiologist.

“Conspiracy theories become TRUTH when hidden agendas are exposed. The world see the truth now: BillGate has a patent for a microchip/vaccine and he’s investing in fractories to make them. You can’t debate or therize the truth so let all stop gaslighting ourselves and others”,a tweep wrote.

“Many of us who actually catre deeply about human health are not interested in your toxic money -making injectable poisons. we know you will get it done” though and we will continues to see people get sick and die from all your hand work #BillGates”,Nother wrote

meanwhile, one of Bill Gates tweet in which he noted that the next move for his foundation is to make money from Vaccine is dug up,to furyther counter him,see the video below


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