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All our leaders care about is 2023 elections, they don’t even bother about Asuu strike


The President, National Association of Nigerian Students, NANS, Friend Sunday Asefon, on Thursday, blamed Nigerian pioneers for disregarding the predicaments of Understudies who are forced to bear the continuous strike activity left upon by the Scholarly Staff Association of Colleges, ASUU.

Companion Asefon who likewise said that the pioneers stand out to the 2023 general decisions, consoled that his Association would disturb the approaching essential appointment of the decision All Moderates Congress, APC, and the People groups Leftist alliance, PDP, on the off chance that the modern activity isn’t canceled.

He talked during the morning meal program of the Stations TV ‘Dawn Everyday,’ blaming the Central Government for an absence of responsibility and truthfulness in settling the stalemate among it and the striking college laborers.

The NANS President who similarly undermined that the College of the Roads fight which started off at the College of Benin on Wednesday would spread cross country, likewise said “Assuming we neglect to battle now, our unborn age will acquire this issue. ASUU strike is more than 40 years in our college framework and no administration has had the option to track down an answer for it.

“Instruction is the bedrock of our lives and our chiefs who we chose into different political workplaces are no really talking about that, somewhat, their emphasis presently is on the 2023 races. They are just keen on their parochial and self centered interests. This period of May is extremely critical, after this, the following thing they would discuss is February and Walk one year from now, which is the overall political decision. There is an inclination that they would fail to remember us assuming we stay silent.

“It is extremely lamentable that a large portion of our chiefs who got free training have turned hard of hearing ears to the situation of the area which created them. In their time, they fought on the grounds that there was no chicken in their dinners, not on the grounds that the colleges were locked or flimsy.

“I’m not even certain that the public authority knows about our danger to disturb essential appointment of APC and PDP. I am yet to get a call from the public authority. The good book said that individuals won’t accept until they see the signs, perhaps FG is sitting tight for the signs which will definitely come assuming nothing is done to end the waiting strike. A piece of the signs occurred in Benin yesterday. Understudies are continuing back to the roads and in two or three days, you will hear our accounts the country over.

“We made a solicitation to be important for the exchange to end the ASUU strike and FG has not respected that call,” he said.

He similarly promised to match activity for activity should the Central Government endeavor to capture the arranged public dissent as it did to EndSARS, guaranteeing that the Association is completely ready for quiet fights.

This is even as the Chief General, Public Foundation of Work Studies, Issa Aremu, who additionally talked during the program required the constitution of the Public Work Warning Chamber to swim into the issues bringing about incessant modern activities in the colleges.

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