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Aisha Now Living In Aso Rock With Her Boyfriend — Nnamdi Kanu


The Leader of the Indigeneous People of Biafra, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has said that the first lady, Aisha Buhari, is living in the presidential villa with his boyfriend.

IPOB leader who have insisted that “President Muhammadu Buhari is dead,” said in a statement posted on his Facebook page on Sunday;

“I know a lot of widows and young First Ladies in Africa will be thinking how do I become Aisha Buhari. How can I immorally retain my position as a First Lady after my husband’s death, while at the same time living with my young lover-boy in the presidential mansion, who once every two weeks acts as my late husband by doing a simple photoshoot.

“Aisha must have asked the suplliers of the hyper-realistic face mask to produce one of a 45 year old Buhari because unless you are blind or your brain has disconnected from your optical nerve system, you will see clearly that Aisha’s boyfriend face is not that of an 80 year old.”


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