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Agian: Biafrans cries out over Operation Wipe out IPOB by Nigeria Military, distinguished selves as ‘Hunters and Vigilantes – Report from IPOB platform


We having this Information from our people in Enugu
The zoo forces has finally launched the long awaited operation against our people under a covert operation disguised as a mopping up of illegal arms in the positions of ‘hunters’ and ‘vigilantes’.

But the instructions are clear: Operation wipe out IPOB.

This is operation is disguised to divert international attention following the recent international developments on Biafra issue including the recent AU HR ruling and the disgrace of Tillerson.

This morning at about 9.08am a truck ladden with asorted rifles,ordinances and exotic communication gadgets left 103battalion to an ‘unknown’ location.

The plan is as they are kidnapping and killing our people,they will be arming and strenghtening the ‘herdsmen’ stationed in various safe havens in Enugu.


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