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AGENDA:Its Obvious That disaster is at hand,Buhari Cannot end Fulani herdsmen killing because is Co-Founder And He want to Islamize Nigeria – Onovo


its clear to Nigeria that Mr president is a co-founder to this terrorist group and he will do everything to make sure he protect the interest of this group. This is an agreement sign when this group was inaugurated.

This is the time Nigeria need to come up and hold to their responsibility because there is danger ahead. The agenda is to Islamize Nigeria and take over this country.

They are every where in this Country waiting for the deal to be carry out and they will invade peoples house and kill many.

Buhari is never interested in the killing of Nigeria citizen, all he is after is to carry out the assignment. He value them more than any other people in this country. Mr president can take action when cows is been attack.

Its obvious that Nigeria Need change but the change was the bad one.i really blame many who voted for him. they sing praise of him that he will turn Nigeria to a better place not knowing that Nigeria is going down the grave under him.

Many who voted for him regretted,but its too late.

Double trouble looms in Nigeria, Aso rock on serious tension as many top political prominent men speaks on RUGA settlement for Fulani. Condemning the activities of the breeders in the country.

After a long season of dithering over how to respond to nationwide killings by Fulani herdsmen across Nigeria, the federal government finally came up with the RUGA Initiative which has been met with stiff opposition, condemnations and vehement rejections by groups and States in Nigeria.

Martins Onovo a former Presidential candidate and the Head Policy of the Movement for Fundamental Change has described the RUGA Initiative as the Islamisation and Fulanisation of Nigeria.

He furiously asserts that the root cause of Fulani herdsmen killings is Gen. Buhari.


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