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Afghan Universities Deserted As Taliban Impose New Rules


Colleges in Kabul were practically unfilled on the main day of the Afghan school year, as educators and understudies grappled with the Taliban’s prohibitive new guidelines for the homeroom.

The Taliban have guaranteed a milder guideline than during their first stretch in power from 1996-2001, when ladies’ opportunities in Afghanistan were strongly shortened and they were restricted from advanced education.

This time, the hardline Islamist bunch have said ladies will be permitted to go to private colleges under the new system, however they face extreme limitations on their apparel and development.

Ladies can possibly go to class on the off chance that they wear an abaya — a streaming robe — and a niqab — a face shroud with a little window to see through — and are isolated from men, the Taliban said.

“Our understudies don’t acknowledge this and we should close the college,” said Noor Ali Rahmani, the overseer of Gharjistan University in Kabul, on a practically unfilled grounds on Monday.

“Our understudies wear the hijab, not the niqab,” he added, alluding to a headscarf.

The Taliban schooling authority gave an extensive report on Sunday illustrating their actions for the homeroom, which likewise decided that people ought to be isolated — or possibly separated by a drape in case there are 15 understudies or less.

“We said we didn’t acknowledge this is on the grounds that it will be hard to do,” Rahmani told AFP.

“We likewise said that it isn’t genuine Islam, it isn’t what the Koran says.”

From here on out at private schools and colleges, which have mushroomed since the Taliban’s first guideline finished, ladies should just be educated by different ladies, or “elderly people men”, and utilize a ladies just passageway.

They should likewise end their exercises five minutes sooner than men to prevent them from blending outside.

Up until now, the Taliban has said nothing regarding state funded colleges.


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