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According to Soludo, all gunmen apprehended in Anambra are Igbo.


Anambra State Lead representative, Teacher Charles Soludo on Sunday uncovered the personality of shooters threatening pieces of the state, expressing all of those got are Igbos.

Shooters have as of late released fear in the South-East focusing on occupants, security agents, and public framework.

The majority of the assaults have been connected to individuals from the prohibited Native Individuals of Biafra (IPOB) and its aggressor wing, the Eastern Security Organization (ESN).

Responding to the assaults during a meeting on Stations TV’s Sunday Governmental issues, Soludo said the current organization in Anambra has effectively acquired the security dangers the state to the most reduced level.

“Let me get straight to the point about it; 100 percent of individuals we have gotten are Igbos. It’s actually not necessary to focus on certain individuals attacking from some place; it is 100 percent Igbos on Igbos, that is the reality,” the lead representative said.

“The principal set of individuals we got were 100% Igbos from other south-east states and none from Anambra.

“However, as we went on, we then found that a ton of the young people who have been taken to these hedges that got influenced and started into all these sorts of things likewise end up being residents of Anambra state or indigenes of Anambra.”

Before Teacher Soludo assumed control over the initiative mantle in the state, occupants of Anambra have been living in dread as scarcely would seven days pass by without the report of an assault.

He told Stations TV on Sunday that the security circumstance has incredibly improved, and ascribed the accomplishment to the endeavors of the security powers.

“Giving where things were the point at which we came, we are not saying that Anambra is 100 percent got … however everyone in Anambra – the 8.5 million occupants of Anambra can vouch for you that frailty in Anambra has boiled down to the barest least.

“Fifteen camps (run by shooters) here (have been) demolished. Indeed, even yesterday (Saturday), a few different spots (where) they were gathering were demolished; we have debased their foundation and I don’t think they have the limit again to accompany the sort of savagery they had before,” he added.

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