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A woman leaves her newborn baby boy in a bus in Anambra after just one month.


An Obscure Lady In Anambra State deserted her one-month-old child kid with one more traveler in a business transport along Zik’s Road, Amawbia in Anambra state.

The Mother of the child gave the child over to a co-explorer installed the transport at around 9am on September 6, 2022 and landed to likely simplicity herself yet never returned even following three hours.

Affirming the report, the Advertising Officer, Public safety and Common Guard Corps (NSCDC), Anambra State Order, Edwin Okadigbo, said the one who the child was deserted to, further gave him over to an officer of the order.

An assertion delivered by Okadigbo peruses;

“The child is assessed to be about a month old. He was recuperated by a staff of the Corps subsequent to being deserted apparently by its mom in a transport. The child was given over to a staff of the Corps on the sixth of September 2022 at around 0900hrs after the mother who she boarded same transport with landed at a bus station in a bid to ease herself along Ziks Road by Amawbia Remedial Help Awka.

After around three hours stand by and search the child was recuperated by Nigeria Security and Common Protection Corps Anambra State Order. The newborn child after vital clinical consideration is right now kept at a position of wellbeing while at the same time following of his obscure guardians and family members proceed. An instance of deserted kid has been opened and at present being scrutinized.

Any individual who is aware of a lady or guardians who as of late conceived an offspring however is out of nowhere without the kid, or knows family members of the baby is encouraged to contact Insight and Examination Branch of Nigeria Security and Common Safeguard Corps, Anambra State Order on – 08068526902 or 0902 4941882 during office hours.

Commandant Isidore Chukwudi Chikere, the Anambra State Leader of the corps has settled on a clarion decision to individuals from the general population to quit forsaking kids in the midst of the rising number of instances of deserted babies and covered births.”

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