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A Govt that is so afraid to defeats Boko Haram, Locks Down Citizens without any sense of reason,so bad – Fani Kayode


Fani Kayode blasts Buhari for locking Down Nigerians amid Coronavirus Pandemic without giving them Food.

Recall that Buhari, During his national broadcast on Monda, extended Lock Down for 14 days.

Since the Lock Down, Nigerians have been crying for hunger, which also Led to Robbery activities in Lagos and Ogun state.

In Reaction, Fani Kayode wrote:

“A Govt. that pampers BH, supports Fulani herdsmen, kills Shiite Muslims, murders IPOB youths, persecutes its critics, bombs innocent women & children, pauperises & impoverishes its citizens & locks down it’s people in their homes without giving them food, hope or money is EVIL!”


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