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5 ways to get over your ex in a mature way


Breakups happen every time, and they are undeniably nerve-wrecking affairs. But you can get over that relationship and your ex in a mature way.

Not only can you move on in a mature way, you can also cut short the time needed for the average person to do so. Here’s how:

1. Don’t over-push for closure

Closure is overrated as this opinion price explains- and it’s true.

To move on quickly, if your partner does not agree to meet up or converse about what went wrong in the relationship, or explain why it’s breaking up, don’t push for too long.

No need to delay your healing period because of a closure that’s never coming. Forget about closure and move on.

2. Cry if you feel like it

Forget what Fergie says: big girls do cry when they’re hurt. If it hurts and it’s unbearable and you need an avenue to let out those unpleasant emotions, just cry it out if the tears come. The tears are significant of an emotional purge and that’s infinitely better than bottling in emotions.

3. Get yourself back

Instead of trying to get her back when he or she has obviously closed the possibility of that happening in this lifetime, strive instead to get yourself back.

Join a bookclub, a sports team, your work force in church, your community cleaning team, a young outreach team… anything. Just get back to doing stuff you enjoy.

4. That block button

Do not forget to use it on all social media platforms.

5. Take a look in the mirror

Yeah, the breakup hurts and you think he or she is an asshole for dumping you, and you’re probably right. But also, it is important to do some introspection. What could you have done better? Is there a chance that you goaded them into doing the things they did? What lessons can be taken into subsequent relationships, never forget to consider these things, too.

It is important that after a while, you will need to get into a relationship, and you have to make that better than the previous one.


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