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5 celebrities with breathtaking mansions


5 celebrities with breathtaking mansions

A lot of times when celebrities become wealthy it begins to reflect on their lifestyle which includes the choice properties and cars they acquire.

Even though a number of these celebrities have been in the business for a long time, it took a while before they were able to build or buy these magnificent houses. If you take a look at these properties, you’d be blown away with its uniqueness, a clear picture that these properties had a lot of proper planning with a lot of money spent on them.

We will be looking at five mansions of some of your favourite celebrities which are breathtaking and would make you want to become a wealthy celebrity (Say a silent prayer).

1. Timaya

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Inset: Timaya looking dapper as usual (Instagram/Timaya)


He is probably the most stylish celebrity from this part of the world with his exquisite fashion taste. So it didn’t come as a surprise when Timaya decided to acquire a mansion that could pass for a three-star hotel.

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Inset: Inside Timaya’s new house (Stella Dimorkorkus)
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Inset: Timaya’s new house (Stella Dimorkukus)

No jokes, but Timaya has one of the most beautiful houses owned by a celebrity. Prior to him showing off his mansion, Timaya was really private about his wealth and so when he decided to share photos of his mansion we weren’t surprised. The house is so beautiful and spacious that his closet might be bigger than your entire house (No offense).


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