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Just in:80.24% of Igbo’s Citizens were angling for Biafran Republic.


Global Igbo Alliance (GIA), a conglomerate of Igbo associations around the world has released the result of the opinion poll it conducted among the Igbo to ascertain what the ethnic nationality want following the political situation and recent ugly developments in Nigeria.

Recently, the spate of agitations for restructuring of the country has assumed a frightening dimension, with the Igbo calling for self-determination, while others are calling for regional autonomous government.

According to the opinion poll/ survey recently organised by an Australian-based research firm, Bizopt Solutions, on behalf of Global Igbo Alliance, the outcome of the poll showed thathercent of the participants were angling for Biafran Republic.

A statement signed by the president of GIA, Dr. Christian Duru and the General Secretary, Prisca Chinwe Ebo stated that participants, drawn from 36 states of the federation plus the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, were asked to choose if they wanted a republic of Biafra, a regional autonomous government, modelled after the 1963 constitution or if they wanted to remain in one united Nigeria as it is today.


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