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3 IPOB Camps Discovered in Delta — POLICE


COMMISSIONER of Police, Delta State Command, Hafix Inuwa, yesterday, fingered the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, for snatching and robbing guns from police officers in the state since 2018, saying the command apprehended 10 members with 13 AK-47 rifles snatched and robbed on different occasions. Besides, police also discovered three undercover training grounds operated by the group at Ibusa, Okpanam and Illah communities in the state.

“IPOB remains a peaceful movement seeking to restore Biafra without violence. We are not into any arms struggle. If we were to pick up arms against the Nigerian government, thousands of our members killed in cold blood by Nigerian security agents would have defended themselves instead of dying like sacrificial lambs.

“If at all any person (s) were arrested with AK-47 in Delta State, those who arrested them should try to establish their true identity. No IPOB family member bears arms for any reason. We know of course that this will not be the first time the Nigerian security agencies will arrest people with or without gun, claim they had guns and try to link them with IPOB all in their desperation to disrepute an unarmed and a peaceful movement. “Our global record speaks for us.

IPOB has never been associated with violence or arms struggle anywhere in the world.

The world is today listening to us because it is a proven and incontrovertible fact that we are not violent despite being wrongly tagged terrorist organisation by the Nigeria Government to stop us. “We, therefore, want to advise Nigeria security agencies to stop making jest of themselves by trying to associate IPOB with violence.

They should try another tact because this one can never fly. Come to think of it, if IPOB were to be armed, what shall we be doing with 13 AK-47?” Nnamdi Kanu mocks those who see self determination as treason Meanwhile, leader of IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, yesterday, told those who are claiming that self-determination amounts to treason, to go back to the Nigerian constitution for better understanding.

In a statement entitled, “Demanding for self determination is not treason and has never been. Self-Determination is legalized in Nigeria,” he personally signed and made available through IPOB’s Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, Mazi Kanu referred those saying the contrary to Article 20, CAP A9, Laws of Nigeria.

Reacting to the discharge and acquittal of the four IPOB members arrested in Igweocha, Rivers State, during the solidarity rally for the emergence of United States President, Donald Trump, otherwise known as ‘Igweocha Trump Four,’ Kanu regretted that even those who should know that self-determination is part of Nigerian law, do not know or pretend not to know. The IPOB leader’s statement read in part: “Demanding for self-determination is not treason and has never been.

Self-determination is legalized in Nigeria. “Yes! It is legalized in Nigeria and is part of the laws of Nigeria.

Go and check Article 20, CAP A9, Laws of Nigeria, which states that ‘All people shall have the unquestionable and inalienable right to self-determination.’ “The saddest part is that those who call themselves judges and learned people do not know this.

It is in their statute books as a law they enacted, but their media, judges, courts, lawyers, legal luminaries, legal experts, SANs and God knows what else, have no clue about this let alone of a quota educated Attorney General.”



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