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Don’t lay abuse on Pa Ben Nwabueze,He is man our leader respected so much-IPOB Tells Ndigbo


In the case of Pa Ben Nwabueze, what some of you must understand is that, IPOB doesn’t take decisions without proper investigation. Our director in one of his broadcast said that IPOB’s Intel is best to none in Africa and most of you think is a joke.

The first day this our Igbo elders/politicians started nursing the visit of Atiku, IPOB was aware, their whole plans is with IPOB. IPOB knew why Atiku visited Pa Ben Nwabueze, IPOB is fully aware what transpired, their discussions and generally their plans.

Pa Ben Nwabueze is man our leader respects so much but for the fact that IPOB issued a statement saying Pa Ben Nwabueze is no longer one of us, then we must understand that something has gone wrong. IPOB said, don’t insult Pa Ben Nwabueze, just let him go.

I will leave you to ponder with a quote from our deputy leader Mazi Uche Mefor “We Must Not Allow This Struggle To See Corruption”


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